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Version 3.16.8

Last updated: 22 Jan, 2024 - Link Purchase | Download

<aside> <img src="/icons/add_blue.svg" alt="/icons/add_blue.svg" width="40px" /> NEW FEATURE


(1) BottomBar styles like Twitter or Facebook ****⭐️

Now the app's BottomBar supports the following styles: "static", "opacityEffect" and "slideEffect" like Twitter and Facebook.


(2) New Templates & Layouts 💥

Lots of new Home UI and Layouts help you easily design your Apps beautifully and professionally.


(3) Sale Label Color 🌈

Ability to change Color for Sale Labels and detect Text Color for buttons.

(4) Filter by Multiple Tags & Categories ⚡️

Flexible to select many tags and categories on the Filter screen.